what is eBookCake?

What is it?

A design service that turns your existing content into elegant eBooks you can distribute digitally.

who is eBookCake for?

Who's it for?

Bloggers, web authors and anyone who wants to digitize and distribue existing content onto e-readers.

what do you get from eBookCake?

What do you get?

Elegantly designed eBooks of your articles and posts delivered in a variety of digital formats.

The design & delivery process

Pick a cake

Depending on the length of your original document, pick the appropriate design plan. Be as detailed as you’d like in your submission notes. Otherwise, we'll do the magic.

We bake your cake

Once we’ve received your submission, we go to town baking your cake (that's designing your ebook if all these cake references are confusing).

Eat your cake

Download your freshly baked ebook in a variety of formats compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Amazon’s Kindle, and other e-readers.

  • Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com

    I'm overwhelmed by how stunning this design is. To a non-artist like me, making something like that is like magic. Andrew Warner